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Who are we?

Although young and upcoming, we’ve quickly established ourselves as one of the top brands in the Pretoria craft beer community with real beer, for real people. Our brews have become crowd favourites at sporting events, beer festivals, partner outlets and anywhere else that #LegendsDrinkLegends

Our standard line up boasts a range of super sessionable brews, each with a distinct local twist. They appeal to the weekend athlete fresh off the field and beer nerd searching for that elusive brew alike, and will have you coming back for more every time.

Our Base

Legends Tap Room

We’ve teamed up with Kuungana Bush Lodge to bring our Legends line-up to their Kupika Restaurant – a fusion of fine coffee, great food and the best craft beer – where you can enjoy the widest range of our brews in a quiet bushveld surrounds. Enjoy the signature beer and food pairing flight, or choose from any of the delectable menu options to make this the ideal spot for a memorable lunch. There’s always something interesting on the floating tap!

Kupika Restaurant is open Fridays 11:00 to 15:00, Saturdays and Sundays 8:00 to 17:00. Reservations can be made on (082) 043 2726.

Our Beers

Hand Crafted


Our signature beer pays homage to the risk takers of our own Johannesburg gold rush – mimicking the steam beer style that originated in California during their 1800s gold rush. This lager is fermented at higher temperatures than usual, adding complex aroma and flavour to the usual crisp lager experience.

Tasting notes: woody, earthy and slightly fruity with notes of caramel and toast.

(temporarily suspended)

IBU: 32 • ABV: 5.0%


Legends Lager offers an alternative for the lager lover that wants to break from the norm of bland, lifeless, watery mainstream lagers. For those that hark back to the days when quality was key this lager has fuller flavor, aroma and color that will make your grandpa nod his head in old-school approval.

Tasting notes: rich, with the malt sweetness cut by a generous addition of hops, finishes dry and crisp.

Available at various outlets listed below

IBU: 29 • ABV: 4.4%


Our New World IPA recognises the pioneering spirit of all craft beer drinkers and their willingness to sample unknown styles and flavors. Aroma hops from ‘The New World” carefully paired with local bittering hops give this full bodied brew a flavour punch like no other. Go forth and conquer, Bartolomeu of Beer!

Tasting notes: strong floral and citrus aroma with hints of grapefruit, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee.

Available at various outlets listed below

IBU: 50 • ABV: 5.8%


A true South African dish, melktert, baked by many a tannie for the Church bazaar is the inspiration behind our stout. It’s an easy drinking milkstout with a vanilla and cinnamon infusion, carbed with Nitrogen to enhance the creamy head. This wholesome stout would have your grandma proudly pin her gold ribbon award to your pint.

Tasting notes: coffee and chocolate without being overly sweet, with vanilla that awakens as the beer slowly heats.

(temporarily suspended)

IBU: 29 • ABV: 4.4%


Weissbier is traditionally known for its highly carbonated,refreshing character and is often enjoyed with a slice of lemon to accentuate the crisp acidity. “Hefe Weiss”  means “with yeast”, giving the beer a smooth, hazy appearance.

Tasting notes: banana, cloves and citrus with hints of honey and wheat

Part of the 2020 Seasonal Range, available at selected outlets

IBU: 12 • ABV: 4.0%


This copper-red full bodied red ale is aromatic and malty, but not overly sweet thanks to a generous portion of noble hops for balance. The German yeast strain used brings out its naturally fruity character.

Tasting notes: toast, grains and caramel hints of herbal hops, coffee and dark fruit

Part of the 2020 Seasonal Range, available at selected outlets

IBU: 32 • ABV: 4.0%


This refreshing burst of ice tea, crafted with gin, appeals to gin lovers and cider drinkers. It is best served with ice and a slice of citrus to break the sweetness and unlock the taste infusions of rooibos, honey and lemon zest.


Here at Legends we do our best to cater for everyone, you can book us for you birthday, year end function or wedding. You will be able to select your favorite beers which will be available on tap. with one of our staff to set up and serve.


Our outlets are the family that we chose carefully, partnering for a better overall beer experience for the consumer. Whether you’re looking for on-consumption equipment or stock, or simply to introduce a couple of our bottles, we’d always love to hear from you.


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(updated 27 April 2021)

On Tap

Bagels & Beers

On Tap (27 April 2021):
Legends Lager, Gin Ice Tea

c/o Ashwood and Wierda Rd, Clubview, Pretoria, 0150

061 321 6703

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Jan se Skuld

On Tap (27 April 2021):
Jan se Lager, Jan se Gin Ice Tea (6%)

545 3rd Rd, Montana, Pretoria, 0151

071 226 4976

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Wingate Country Club

On Tap (27 April 2021):
Gin Ice Tea

539 Norval St, Wingate Park, Pretoria, 0153

012 997 1312

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Blos Cafe

On Tap (27 April 2021):
New World IPA, Hefe Weiss

Plot 66, C/O Olympus Rd and, Leander Rd, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0081

082 466 2857

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Kuungana Bush Lodge

On Tap (27 April 2021):
Lager,  IPA,  Weiss, Red Ale, Gin Ice Tea

211 Plataan road, Farm Rietfontein Donkerhoek, Pretoria, 1001

082 043 2726

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Zwartkop Country Club

On Tap (27 April 2021):
Gin Ice Tea

Old Johannesburg Rd, Clubview, Centurion, 0157

 012 654 1144

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Friends @ Kimiad

On Tap (27 April 2021):
Friends Lager, Friends Gin Ice Tea (6%), New World IPA

Wekker Rd, Moreleta Park, Pretoria, 0044

081 259 6231

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Oppiplaas Restaurant

On Tap (27 April 2021):
Gin Ice Tea

Terblanche Street &, Codonia Ave, Villieria, Pretoria, 0186

087 057 0338

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In Cans

Glen Gables

Liquor City Glen Gables

In Cans (27 April 2021):
Legends Lager, New World IPA, Gin Ice Tea

Glen Gables shopping centre, C/O Lynnwood road &, January Masilela Dr, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, 0001

012 348 3694
We recommend phoning ahead to check for stock

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Liquor City Groenkloof

In Cans (27 April 2021):
Legends Lager, New World IPA, Gin Ice Tea

Groenkloof Plaza, 51 George Storrar St, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0027

012 460 6813
We recommend phoning ahead to check for stock

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Direct Delivery

Contact us for direct delivery of bulk orders of 3 or more 12-packs in Midrand / Pretoria